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Klitschko vs Joshua Live Stream: Dillian Whyte will not be shocked if Anthony Joshua is knocked out at Wembley

Klitschko vs Joshua Live Stream: ‘The Body Snatcher’ remains eager to avenge his stoppage loss to Joshua in 2015 and will be watching with interest when the IBF champion faces Klitschko at Wembley Stadium on April 29, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

Klitschko vs Joshua Live Stream

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Whyte has also felt the power of Klitschko during their past sparring sessions and would not be surprised if the former unified champion detonates a fight ending punch on Joshua.

 Whyte shared a brutal battle with bitter rival Joshua in 2015

“I won’t be shocked, because he can get chinned,” Whyte exclusively told Sky Sports. “He has not got the best chin. He doesn’t cope well with taking shots at all – and Wladimir can whack.”

But the Brixton man would prefer Joshua to emerge victorious, with the vacant WBA title also around his waist, as he wants to be the first fighter to ruin his unbeaten record. Klitschko vs Joshua Live Stream

Whyte to face Wach at The O2

Dillian Whyte announces next fight against Mariusz Wach on June 3

“I want to be the man that beats him,” said Whyte. “I don’t want him to lose and people to say ‘he lost and was not the same.’ I want to beat him with the same confidence of when we fought the first time. Dillian Whyte has announced he’s facing Mariusz Wach in his next fight on June 3

“God willing, if everything goes well and I get through Mariusz Wach, it could be my next fight, or I could fight [Deontay] Wilder, or fight [Joseph] Parker.

“Who else is he going to fight? He is running out of opponents. At 18, 19 fights, he is running out of opponents already.”Whyte is unimpressed with the mutual respect between Joshua and Klitschko, and admits there is still genuine animosity between himself and ‘AJ’.

I’ve been to war with Joshua for the past eight, nine years. Eight years we have been at war.

I’ve been to war with Joshua for the past eight, nine years. Eight years we have been at war,” he said.”I hung out with him before, but we’ve never been friends. He hates me. I don’t hate him, I just think he’s a fake and should be himself.”You can see in ‘The Gloves Are Off’, he was a man fighting with himself. He was holding himself back.”

Anthony Joshua has revisited the journey that took him from Watford to Wembley Stadium, ahead of his world heavyweight title-fight with Wladimir Klitschko on April 29.

The 27-year-old currently boasts an unblemished career record having won all 18 of his previous fights, and will attempt to defend his IBF title as well as win the vacant WBA belt last held by Tyson Fury when he takes on Klitschko at the end of the month.

Joshua has now starred in a short film alongside his mother, Yeta Odusanya, that captures his rise and will be shown immediately before his showdown with Klitschko.

The film, produced by Lucozade Sport, starts with Joshua’s humble upbringings in North London and shows him excelling in athletics as well as football – his original preferred sport.

The boxer’s brushes with the law during his youth are also referenced. In 2009, Joshua was put on remand in Reading Prison before being made to wear an electronic tag on his release, while in 2011 he was arrested with cannabis in his car and given a 12-month community order.

I could have seen it as a badge of honour. I could have taken the rap, seen it as a slap on the wrist and done it again. But I didn’t,” he said in an interview the following year.“It wasn’t so much the actual charge that had the effect. It was all the grief afterwards, from my friends, from my family — especially my mum — and from boxing.”Since then Joshua’s ascent to the top of his profession has been rapid, with his super-fight against Klitschko coming just four-years into his professional career.Discussing the film, Joshua said: “I’m not usually one to look back but I liked the concept for the short film. It has been a real journey from growing up in Watford to fighting at Wembley Stadium.“Everything in between; Klitschko vs Joshua Live all the things I have done and all the people that have supported me, have made me who I am and this film illustrates that.“I am excited to share my journey with my fans and I hope that it inspires the hunger in others.”

Joshua is currently training in Sheffield, undergoing the final stages of his preparation for next weekend’s fight.

With the big upcoming heavyweight clash between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko set to take place at the end of the month, Sky Sports has unveiled their latest installment of The Gloves Are Off.

Joshua begins the face-to-face interview by talking about his youth versus Klitschko’s experience, saying that he doesn’t believe any of Klitschko’s experience will prepare him for what will take place on April 29. Klitschko, meanwhile says that his experience has allowed him to ‘take it easy’ in the lead up to this fight, not allowing the moment to get the better of him.

Klitschko then briefly pauses to commend Joshua for being quite observant, saying that he has to be careful what he says around Joshua because he learns quickly.

Wladimir Klitschko was never really embraced by the average boxing fan, despite dominating a lackluster heavyweight division for the better part of a decade.He understands why, even as he looks to change his ways in what could be his last hurrah next week against Anthony Joshua in London.

“It’s not as boring as it was with me during all those years,” Klitschko said. “You can like me or hate me but when one person conquers it all, it is boring. I totally get it.”

It wasn’t just Klitschko’s dominance that soured boxing fans on him. It was the way he fought.Every opponent was kept at arm’s length. Punches were traded cautiously – probably with good reason, considering what Lamon Brewster did to him back in 2004.Klitschko never won any style points, though he kept winning against a series of opponents who could never seem to crack the code. Then Tyson Fury entered the picture, making Klitschko look slow and old in breaking his 11-year winning streak to win his heavyweight titles.Now Klitschko challenges the unbeaten Joshua for the title once again. He does so as an underdog going into enemy territory, with 90,000 fans expected to be cheering their countryman on a week from Saturday at Wembley Stadium.

At the age of 41, he says he feels like a new fighter. Even better, he says he feels like really fighting.”I understand I don’t have titles anymore, but in a certain way I feel relieved,” Klitschko told The Associated Press in a call from his training camp in Austria. “I feel calmer, more free. Before it was all defending and caution. Now it’s different, and I like the feeling that I don’t have any pressure.”

The fight shapes up as a familiar boxing matchup, with the up-and-coming young slugger from England tested by the aging veteran who has piled up a deep bag of tricks over the years.Both are Olympic gold medalists (Klitschko in 1996, Joshua in 2012) Klitschko vs Joshua Live Stream. Both are massive heavyweights with the skills usually found in smaller fighters. Both have the kind of knockout power that may make it a short night in London.And Klitschko now says it’s time to throw caution to the wind.

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